Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Google Sniper 3 Review – The Program Has Been Reported as Being Untrustworthy

Product Owner: George Brown
Product name: Google Sniper
Price: 47$
Verdict: Not recommended
I remember when I first heard of Google Sniper it was about two years ago. I wanted to start making money on the internet and was looking for a real way here and there, reading product reviews and finally found that George’s product was one of those opportunities I’d been looking for months.
But when I started reading his PDF guide I realized that there was nothing new or specific. I realized that all what he promised in his promotional videos about making tons of money had nothing in common with reality.
I even subscribed to his email list. But I have never received any practical tip I could apply and start making real money.

New Product launch Announcement

Recently I’ve received an email in which he announced the launch of his new product called Google Sniper 3. In his email he claims that his product has transformed the lives of thousands of people all over the world. He claims to have spent 1 full year to create a new product. He also claims that you will never find a value like this on the entire web.

sniper 3
In his private video claims that his product is the only, most complete, greatest product in the world and that his original product (Google Sniper 3 ) has created more success stories than any other product on the web. That really sounds great! But it’s only a noise, convincing words with no proof. Keep reading to see if anything has changed since the first launch.

Inside Google Sniper

1. Google Sniper 3 includes 104 pages (pdf guide) (not much different from Google Sniper 2) accompanied by video training, live Q&A webinars. Once you enter member area you will find there a getting started video explaining the whole thing about Google Sniper and how to navigate the system.
2. Video lessons that can “help” you “maximize” the results from Google Sniper.
3. The Empire module explains same methods outlined in the previous version of Google Sniper: how to get your work done through outsourcing it. Nothing new. You can do it at Fiverr and you actually don’t need George’s product for that.
Plus, if you have many niche sites (as George Brown teaches you) in order to keep them updated you’ll need to outsource the work which requires spending a lot of money.
I know this from my own experience and always outsource some minor things such as creating animation videos or video intro for my videos or when I need to voiceover the script for my video.
BUT when it comes to my site I always do all the work myself because outsourcing isn’t cheap at all and you can hardly make your website successful if you outsource the content creation to others. Remember that before spending money on outsourcing you first need to earn them.
4. Rolodex – some additional resources that show you a number of ways to make extra money.
5. There is no real support as I can see. He claims that you can ask a question and at the end of each month they release a live video where you’ll get answers to your questions. This is not possible. Just imagine thousands of people across the globe ask questions and now picture him answering all those questions.
Is it possible? Sure, he will answer few questions but most of them will not be answered. There is no forum where you can ask questions or contact George.
6. Sniper Cash Machine is being advertised as a surprise but actually is an affiliate sign up for promoting George’s product (Google Sniper course) to others.


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